Our Kids: Chris and Kathy & Grandson Rylan
Written August 2005
Chris and Patricia's information updated Oct 1, 2005

Chris and Patricia
Wedding Day
September 17, 2005

Kathy and Tim with Rylan
At July 2005 wedding for Tim's brother, Jason, in Big Bear

Rylan - July 13, 2005
Posing with monkey made by Great Grandma Jean

Chris, who is now 34, married Patricia under the grape arbor in our evergreens on September 17, 2005. The two of them have certainly changed the direction of their lives, not only in plans to marry, they have also just moved into a new place in Fair Oaks.

After announcing their engagement in February, they also announced they wanted to move to a bigger place giving them more room to expand their arcade and pinball business.

In early June they moved out of the house we had on Wild Rye so we could put it on the market to buy a bigger place for them to rent. They then moved into an apartment in the Sacramento area and started house hunting.

The Wild Rye house sold within three weeks (for $10K more than our asking price!). Soon after Wild Rye closed, Chris found a house through Craig's List (!) in Fair Oaks. Just three weeks later it closed and they were all moved in!

Their new house is perfect for their arcade and pinball business. It has a huge game room, a three car garage, and lots of room on the property to build a good sized warehouse/workshop.

In December, Chris and Patricia added another new dimension to their life. They adopted a Shepherd Rhodesian Ridgeback mix and named him Seven!

October 2005

Kathy, now 30, is very busy being a full time mother to a beautiful little boy born on JULY 4th, the day after HER birthday!

She and Tim have been looking forward to this new addition in their life with great anticipation.

In April they decorated the nursery all in a jungle theme with help from Robert and I.

In May Kathy flew up to Napa for a baby shower at our house hosted by Nicole, a best friend of hers.

In June Kathy announced to all her clients she was officially on maternity leave. Her graphic design business has really taken off so telling clients she will be quite busy for awhile with a new baby was difficult since they count on her for so many projects.

Just before Rylan arrived Kathy and Tim went shopping for a new SUV knowing, with the arrival of a little one, all the room in a bigger vehicle would be quite welcomed. The week after Rylan came home they settled on a 4 Runner and are totally enjoying the convenience of plenty of space for all the stuff that needs to go along when taking baby out.

Kathy says yes, she will go back to graphic designing. Eventually. For now though, she just wants to spend as much time as she can enjoying Rylan!

August 2005

Rylan Alexander arrived Monday just a little after 3:00 on the afternoon of Independence Day, 2005. He weighed in at 6 pounds, 15 ounces measuring 19 1/2 inches in length.

He definitely appears to have blond hair. His eyes are a shade of blue that look to be a color he will get to keep.

Rylan is proving to be a little firecracker. He has already shown he has persistence and determination having turned himself over at less than three weeks old!

When he came home he decided he would rather be awake at night and asleep during the day. The doctor said maybe because he was born in the middle of the day he had his nights and days all mixed up and he was suffering jet lag!

Rylan is one lucky little boy. he has a charming nursery decked out in jungle leaves, vines, a cheetah and a monkey. He has all kinds of stuff to entertain him and hold him: lots of swings, toys, mobiles, car seats, and places to sleep. Plus, he has Apollo to play with and to keep his face clean with that big Rottweiler tongue of his!

Best of all, he has a wonderful Daddy and Mommy who both love him very much!

August 2005

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