O U R   P E T S  updated October 14, 2005

Two dogs, two cats, that's what we have right now.

Madison, born February 1996, is nicknamed Bounce. We also call her Bunkie. She is a Weimaraner.

Paris, our newest dog, is almost 21 months old. It was over a year after losing our beloved Doberman, Chelsea, before she became part of our family. She is a real sweetheart and loves everybody.

Sophie cat, a calico, has been with us since 1994. We got her and a sister, also calico, as kittens

Sophie's sister, Lauren, mysteriously died the winter of 1998.

In Februrary of 98, Jordan, a long-haired gray tabby, replaced Lauren. She came from a litter of kittens belonging to Gary and Jeanie.

We also have 6 chickens who give us lots of fresh eggs.

Paris, our German Shorthaired Pointer, with her piggy toy—August, 2005
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